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torek, 3. november 2015

Z is for zoo

Jane Goodall

Today we're going to talk about Jane Goodall, a zoologist. First, watch these two videos about her life:

A zoologist

Now read the description about a zoologist:

Answer the questions in your notebook.

Who is a zoologist?

What is a zoo?

What is a zoology?

Help yourself with your student's book page 30, exercise 1a.


Now read the text in your book on page 30. Then do exercise 2 c in your notebooks. Write the unknown words in your notebooks and find the translations. Help yourself with PONS dictionary. Link:

New words:
a zoologist – 
the zoo – 
zoology – 
was born in – 
ambition – 
to be ambitious – 
a distance – 

binoculars –

When you finish, download this exercise:

 Write the answers,save it on your desktop and send it to my email: